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How much you are ready to study in UK with new point-based visa system??

The United Kingdom is an attractive destination for students from all over the world, and that destination country has recently unimaginably simplified (70 POINTS) visa regulation with attractive changes in the education sector to welcome more international students. Significant changes to these immigration policies include the opportunity for international students to re-enter post study work ( PSW) after 2012, unlimited student entry, the opportunity to settle in the UK using the graduate immigration route (GIR) after graduation, the opportunity to take spouses and there to have work permit for. Express Consultancy has initiated package offers on B2B and B2C basis to enable Bangladeshi students to avail all these opportunities including application fee, medical fee, embassy fee, IHS fee.

Before knowing new visa route, think Why UK?

  • Apply with low CGPA/IELTS
  • Scholarship Opportunity up to 5000GBP
  • Without IELTS application opportunity
  • Most prestigious degrees in the World
  • Ever easiest visa system
  • Visa success rate is very high
  • Post study work permit after education
  • Part-time job opportunities
  • Full-time work in vacation/semester break
  • Graduate immigration route (GIR) for PR

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So, what is ‘’New Route’’ for Student Visa?

  • There will be no limit on the number of international students who can come to the UK to study?
  • To retain the brightest and the best students to continue to contribute

To the UK, A post-study (Graduate immigration route) is going to be introduced In summer 2021. (Post Study Work Visa)

  • The assessment of the new application will be based on the following three main criteria:
  1. Remain Sponsorship at a licensed provider (Education Provider i.e. University),
  2. Demonstration of English Language ability and
  3. The ability of the students to Financially supports themselves in the UK
  4. Extension of the period in which a student can apply permission to come
    to the UK before the start of their course, from three to six months.
  5. Removing the study time limit of five years for students studying at a post
    graduate level.
  6. Students who meet eligibility recruitments will be able to make an in-country application for further leave regardless of their sponsor or level of the study.
  7. From 1st of October 2020, the applicant needs to pay the increase charges
    @ £ 470 per year for the immigration Health Surcharge instead of the current
    Rate of £ 300 per year.

IHS (Insurance Health Surcharge) Calculation

Course Duration IHS to be paid
1 year £ 470 +£235=£705
1.5 years £470*2= £940
2 years £470*2+£235=£1175
3 years £470*3+£235=£1645
4 years £470*4+£235=£2115
5 years £470*5+£235=2585

70 points breakdown

Students will require a total of 70 points to be granted a student visa. Points will be awarded for meeting the requirements of the route as set out in the table below

Points Type Relevant requirements to be mate Number of points
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for studies requirements
  • Course requirement
  • Approved Qualification requirement
  • Level of study requirement
  • Place of study requirement
Financial Financial requirement 10
English Language English language requirement 10

10 Points for Financial Requirement

Funds to be shown Living Expenses
Remaining Tuition fees of first Year of Study Inside London [£ 12,006 (1334×9 months)]
Living Expenses for 9 Months Outside London [£ 9,207 (£ 1023x 9 months)]

10 Points for English

Language Requirement

If the HEI is not using SETL to assess the English
Language of the student, HEI will have to mention the

Method of assessment on the CAS

The method of assessment can be based on different criterias such as grade of XII (HSC) English marks, MOl, IELTS, University’s English Language Test, etc.


what has changed?

Refer to the table to summarize the changes. The table consists of the comparison between the existing system and the changes approved.

Existing Proposed
40 Points (30 for CAS and 10 for Finance) Point-Based System of Visa 70 Points (50 for CAS and academic requirements, 10 for Finance and 10 for Language requirements)
Three months prior to the course start date How early you can apply for Visa Six months prior to the course start date
300 per year Immigration Health Surcharge 470 per year

W.E.F 01, October, 2020

Maintenance fund have to be shown Application within the UK No need for financial documents if they are in the UK for 12 months or longer immediately prior to the application
Inside London: £11385

(£1265 x 9 months)

Outside London: £9135

(£1015 x 9 months)

Living Expenses (applying from outside the UK) Inside London: £12006

(£1334 x 9 months)

Outside London: £9207

(£1023 x 9 months)

5 years Capping Study time limits There will be no time limits

Some benefits of new visa route

  • New & Clearer pathway
  • Point based simplified routes
  • No visa limit for international students
  • No study time limits
  • Apply Six months prior to the course start dates

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